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Production of a tourism promotional video for the European project “Interreg Mediterranean Locations”. Institutional campaign promoted by the Municipality of Ravenna as one of the main partners of the project.

One of the objectives of the campaign was to describe the low-carbon mobility plan (Low Carbon Transport in Cruise Destination Cities), designed to facilitate the movement of goods and people in the cruise tourism industry.

Our production company took the project through every stage of the process:

  • subject, script and storyboard

  • pre-prodction

  • production

  • post-production

The European project Interreg MED Locations 2014-2020 is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund; it is promoted by AREA Science Park of Trieste and involves 19 partners from Italy, Croatia, Spain, Portugal and Albania, including seven European port cities. In particular, the city of Ravenna can count on the collaboration of the Port Authority and the Emilia-Romagna Region.

Locations – Comune di Ravenna

Exhibition of the Locations project

To present the project, our company also took care of setting up a small exhibition at the Cruise Terminal in Porto Corsini. In addition to the set-up, we also created and supplied promotional materials – brochures, flyers, gadgets, roll-ups, branded display stands, forex panels and posters.

Visitors were over 1000 including cruise passengers, tourists and citizens.

They talk about us!

“Ravenna partner nel progetto europeo Locations. Obiettivo: ridurre le emissioni inquinanti nei trasporti”

To introduce the new actions envisaged by the mobility management plan for cruise ship passengers and goods, we created and overlaid 3D elements onto the real-world images, to show the projects that are still in progress.

While filming the video with the actors, we used a marker-based motion tracking system. During post-production, we created and added the 3D renderings of the projects, the new signposts and information totems. Finally, the actors were cut out using the rotoscoping technique, so they could interact with 3D elements.

Locations – Comune di Ravenna

Client Municipality of Ravenna

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