Mare Termale Bolognese

commercial / photoshoot

Production of a series of promotional videos to describe Mare Termale Bolognese, 5 thermal centres in the metropolitan area of Bologna. Their services focus on health, prevention and global well-being through diagnosis, spa treatments, physical medicine and rehabilitation, but also fitness, wellness and beauty.

Mare Termale Bolognese

Our company took care of all the steps of the project: model casting, on-site production and post-production of promotional videos. In addition to producing the video, we also took care of creating a series of photo shoots for each centre of the group.

Our videos and photos were used for the Mare Termale Bolognese Group communication and promotion campaign, launched across Italy with posts, banners, brochures, flyers, road signs, magazine ads and advertising spaces.

Client Mare Termale Bolognese / Villaggio della Salute