Innocultour - Veneto Region

tourism promotional video

Production of a series of tourism promotional videos for the communication campaign of European project Innocultour – Innovation and promotion of Adriatic cultural heritage as a tourism industry driver. The institutional campaign was promoted by the Veneto Region as one of the project partners.

One of the objectives of the campaign was to illustrate and promote the cultural heritage and the meeting points of the Civic Museum of the South Lagoon of Chioggia and the Museum of the Great Rivers of Rovigo.

Our production company took the project through every stage of the process:

  • subject, script and storyboard

  • pre-production

  • production

  • post-production

The Innocultour project is co-financed by the Italy-Croatia 2014-2020 program and aims to increase the visibility and knowledge of eight lesser-known natural and cultural sites in the coastal area between Italy and Croatia, also by offering a combination of traditional museum exhibitions and new technologies.

Innocultour – Veneto Region

76th Venice International Film Festival

Presentation and preview of the tourism promotional video at Hotel Excelsior, in the area dedicated to the Veneto Region for the 76th Venice International Film Festival.

They talk about us!

“A Chioggia e Rovigo i musei diventano digital grazie a Innocultour, progetto tra Veneto e Croazia per un turismo “slow” e sostenibile.
Il progetto, dal budget di 916.183 euro, di cui 778.755 euro erogati dal Fondo europeo di coesione regionale (Erdf), è cofinanziato dal programma Italia-Croazia 2014-2020″

To illustrate the features of the beacon systems (not yet installed in the museums), we have reproduced the tablet interface layout and the possible interactions between visitors and art works, to provide a visual rendering of an immersive digital museum experience.

Finally, we created a 3D animation of an ancient coin, used within the real shot and interacting with an actress in the scene, to simulate the holographic technologies that will be used by some of the project’s partner museums.

Innocultour – Veneto Region

Cliente Regione del Veneto

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