WEB SERIE - Oil on Table

Web series

Production of a web series for the institutional campaign “Oil on Table – The Masterpieces of Extra-virgin Olive Oil” promoted by ISMEA and the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies.

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WEB SERIE – Oil on Table

The “La Via dell’Olio – The Olive Oil Road” web series is divided into 3 episodes and features 4 friends (Luca, Betta, Sara and Laura) on a road trip across the Italian regions to discover extra-virgin olive oil.

In the first episode, set in Umbria, they will learn about olive “cultivars”. The second episode, taking place in Apulia, will be about olive harvesting and processing, from the olive groves to the mill. Finally, the third episode will cover food pairings, describing different olive varieties and their unique characteristics, linked to their regions of origin. As the destination of their trip, our group of friends will move to Sicily.

For this project, we have selected and featured top influencer Luca Perego, a pastry chef and food blogger, known as “LuCake” on social media. He is followed by as many as 228,000 people on Instragram. LuCake is also features in many Italian television programs such as “Detto Fatto” on Rai 2.

Our numbers

The campaign promoted by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies finally lands on the Italian national media, covering TV and web TV, major Italian newspapers and magazines, as well as national and local radio stations until the end of December, reaching an audience of 26 million Italians.

Among the actions taken to promote extra-virgin olive oil in Italy and a more mindful purchasing behaviour, we should mention the web series launched on social channels during the lockdown, getting over 200,000 views.

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WEB SERIE – Oil on Table
WEB SERIE – Oil on Table
WEB SERIE – Oil on Table

Social tour

While filming the web series, we also produced a social tour featuring our influencer again. An on-the-road story across Umbria, Apulia and Sicily, advertised on social media to reach a young target.

More specifically, 2 posts and 8 stories were produced for each stage of the trip, with links and tags to the communication campaign and to the Ministry.

The social media campaign received tens of thousands of comments, interactions and views on posts and stories, creating engagement interest in the entire communication campaign.

The web series and the social tour had a “branded minibus”, specially designed for the shoot. During pre-production, we created and produced serigraphs with the campaign’s coordinated image.

Our production company took care of every stage of the project, including meeting the customer and experts in the industry (Gambero Rosso) for data collection:

  • subject, script and storyboard

  • pre-production and casting

  • production in Emilia-Romagna, Umbria, Apulia and Sicily

  • post-production and finishing of the web series and social media campaign

They talk about us!

“Un viaggio straordinario di un giovane chef influencer e delle sue tre amiche fra frantoi e uliveti, un’avventura che li porterà a conoscersi meglio ma soprattutto ad apprezzare lo sconfinato patrimonio olivicolo italiano, con le sue 500 cultivar di olive e i 46 oli EVO Dop e Igp.”
WEB SERIE – Oil on Table
WEB SERIE – Oil on Table
WEB SERIE – Oil on Table

Client ISMEA – Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies

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